At RAMCO, we understand that the safety of our employees, their families, and our customers is paramount.

We want to keep the communities in which we work as safe as possible.

We have made the commitment to properly train our employees and well as investing in our equipment to do our jobs both safely and correctly.  We are proud to have a late model fleet of trucks that are inspected daily and properly maintained.

We conduct monthly safety training with our employees, discussing important issues such as proper backing, safe driving techniques, school bus safety, three point contact, and inclement weather.  These meetings also allow us to hear from our employees about unsafe or hazardous conditions that they see in the field so we can work together to find a safe solution.

We utilize the latest GPS software to monitor our trucks as well to be as efficient as possible, enabling us to be more reliable and right on time.

Reliable, safe, and responsive service.  That is what we provide here at RAMCO Waste and Recycling.